Q. What services other than line rental and calls does Save Money on Calls provide.

A. We provide a comprehensive range of telecommunications solutions including:

– Broadband
– Inbound call solutions
– Additional calling features (e.g., caller display, call diverts)
– NGN’s (i.e. 0870, 0871, 0844, 0845 etc.)
– Email to Fax/Fax to Email

We are also able to arrange to have a competitive quote provided on telephone systems and system maintenance.

Q. What happens if the customer needs to upgrade/downgrade their services or move premises.

A. SaveMoneyOnCalls.net will arrange everything on the customers’ behalf, from advising on the most suitable solution to the customers’ requirements, to organising the necessary work required through BT Openreach. Throughout the process we will keep the customer fully informed of progress, and liaise with the engineers on the customers’ behalf.

Q. What happens if there is a fault on the customers’ line while they are with SaveMoneyOnCalls.net.

A. The customer should report the fault directly to SaveMoneyOnCalls. (There is a 24 hour facility for the reporting of new faults.)
Our dedicated staff report the fault to BT Openreach on the customers’ behalf. We keep the customer fully informed of the progress of the fault, and should an Openreach Engineer need to attend the customers’ premises, we book the appointment on their behalf. If the customer has any concerns while an engineer is at their premises, we will speak directly with the Engineer.

Q. How long would the customer have to be in contract with SaveMoneyOnCalls.net.

A. We offer very flexible 12, 24 or 36 month contracts, dependent on the individual customers’ specific circumstances and requirements.

Q. What happens if the customer wishing to transfer to SaveMoneyOnCalls.net is still in contract with their former provider.

A. Save Money on Calls will pay the exit fee to release the customer from their contract if this is commercially viable.
Should this not be appropriate, we will diarise the termination date of the contract, and arrange for the services to be transferred at that time, thereby avoiding any exit penalty.

Q. How much will it cost to transfer from an alternative telecommunications provider to SaveMoneyOnCalls.net

A. In the majority of cases nothing. Save Money on Calls bears this cost for the customer.
Many companies charge a minimum fee to transfer a new customers’ service from another provider, often tucked away in the small print.

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