First a Phone Bill

The first step of receiving a full analysis on how you could save money is to send us a recent copy of your phone bill, during this stage we do not require any bank details. There are three methods to send us a copy of your phone bill depending on you preferred communication method.


Email is the quickest and most efficient way that your bill gets to us as fast as possible, we have a monitored email account which will ensure that your bill will be received at the earliest opportunity.


In the event that it is more convenient for you to send us your bill by conventional mail please go to our Contact Us page for further details.


We maintain a fax number in the event that you prefer this method of communication please send you bill to 0844 824 4682

Next we analyse the data


We aim to take the confusion away from the complications of this market through an analysis of your companies individual telecoms requirements.


Once completed we will present you with an accurate billing profile, identifying costly usage that could be switched to a more suitable Call Plan or Tariff.

Pin Point

Billing issues are also a common concern with many customers complaining that their bills are almost impossible to understand.


SaveMoneyOnCalls provides you with one straight forward, easy to understand monthly invoice.

You Pay Less

Once Save Money On Calls provides you with a full audit you can then save money and pay less for your plans or tarrifs. There are many different packages available from simple “calls only” tariffs through to calls, lines, broadband and other select services, Our free telecoms audit will provide you with this understanding. Save Money On Calls are highly competitive, we expect you to pay 40% less that if you were on a BT tariff.